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      PLB HDPE Ducts:-  

Permanently Lubricated Ducts are manufactured by co-extrusion technique and the base raw material used is High Density Poly Ethylene.
The grade of raw material is ultra violet grade confirming to IS : 7328-1992 and IS : 2523 or ISO : 1133 and is designated as PEELA 50T-012 (CACT approved ) ad inner layer is permanently Lubricated material DOW CORNING grade SOMB002.


Telecommunication, Electric cable installation, Railways Information Network, Computer Networking, Cable Service Providers, Broad Band Network etc.


* Faster Easy Installation of cable with lesser manpower

* Feasibility of longer lengths installation

* Easy movement of cable through bends

* Reduction in number of joints due to longer of pipes

* Reduction in installation cost, maintenance and future upgradation

* Existing cables can be deployed after de blowing from the duct

* The pipes are non toxic in nature and hence safe to handle


(DOT & ISO) all sizes are in mm

 DIA (Min) DIA (Max)  Inner Layer Thickness
     Ovality (min.)  Wall Thickness   (min.)  Wall Thickness (max.)  Weight / Mtr. Average  Min. (mm)  Max. (mm)
 32   32.3   1.3   2.8   3.2   0.262   0.24   0.36
  40   40.4   1.4   3.3   3.7   0.385   .28   0.42
  50   50.5   1.4   3.7   4.3   0.555   0.32   0.48

Associated Accessories & Tools

1. Plastic Coupler     :   To Join two duct lengths air tight and water tight.

2. End Plug              :   To seal duct ends prior to the installation of the cable.

3. Cable Sealing Plug :  To seal duct ends after insertion of the cable.

4. End Cap             :    Made of hard rubber, fitted on both ends of duct coil after manufacturing

5. Duct Cutter          :  To cut duct cleanly and with square ends.

6. C Spanner            :  To tighten plastic coupler.