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       PVC - U PIPES IS: 15328 : 2003 CM/L No. 2608757 :  

PVC-U Pipes for use in underground drainage and sewerage systems :

Plain ended, Socketted Pipe for Solvent Cement Jointing and Socketted for Elastomeric Sealing Ring Jointing for the sizes :
Nominal OD 125 MM to 200 mm Stiffness
SN 4, SDR 41 and 110mm to 200 mm, Stiffness SN8 & SDR 34.

Unplasticised non- pressure PVC-U pipes specifically for use in Underground Drainage & Sewerage Systems as per IS 15328 : 2003. These pipes are colour coded brown & are available in plain as well as elastomeric sealing ring type and either use solvent cement or slide fit respectively for installation.

Slight variations in the appearance of the colour are permitted.

  • Light weight hence easy to transport

  • Easy to Install

  • Leak free Joints

  • Smooth inner bore for better flow rate of  water and prevent build up of deposits & scaling

  • Lower installation & maintenance costs as compared to conventional pipes

  • Ease of  Installation and Handling

  • Excellent Stiffness and Impact Resistance.