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      HDPE Pipes & Coils  IS: 4984-1995 & 1S : 14333-1996  

HDPE Pipes are manufactured from High Density Poly Ethylene Polymers i.e. PE-63, PE 80, PE 100. HDPE Pipes are available in sizes 20mm to 500mm (Size can be increased , if necessary) outer diameter and in pressure rating from 2.5 to PN 16.0.


Water Supply Systems

* In water supply distribution systems

* As a replacement of G. I. Pipes in Borewell application to submersible pumps.

* For suction and delivery lines of jet pumps and centrifugal pumps.

Industrial applications

* Disposal of corrosive effluents chemicals and treated / untreated wastes.

* Acids and Alkalies can be transported through these pipes.

* For conveying edible oils, fruit pulps, juices, milk and other food products.

* As ducts for Air conditioning and ventilation.

* For transporting slurries of Iron Ore, Fly Ash etc.

Environmental Protection  

* HDPE Pipes are also used for industrial waste treatment plants and water           treatment   plants.

* For drainage of sewerage

* For disposal of sand slurry in dredging operations.


* Low specific weight and flexibility

* Perfect weld ability, tough and strong

* Abrasion and wear resistant

* Good chemical and weathering resistance

* Low co-efficient of friction

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