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       HDPE Sprinkler System IS : 14151-2008 (Part 1&11):  

Worldwide HDPE Sprinkler System is found to be the best method to get maximum yield at a low cost. It has been observed that, a sprinkler system can irrigate 2 to 3 times more farm land in the same quantum of water. The sprinkler helps in cleaning the surface of the plants, thereby helping them in easy photosynthesis . This results in greater yield. In winter season, the sprinkler system saves the surface of the plants from accumulation of frozen water and in summers it saves evaporation of water to the tune of 40%.The sprinkler system spreads the water in the farmland uniformly and thus saves the plants from water clogging and scarcity. Maximum water reaches the roots of the plants.

Product Range

HDPE Sprinkler pipes are available in sizes ranging from 63 mm to 200 mm outer diameter and pressure rating from Class I to IV, PN 2.5, PN 3.2, PN 4.0, PN 6.0 (Part I & II) with complete range to fittings.

Associated Accessories

* Coupled Bend

* Coupled Tee

* End Caps

* Riser Pipe

* Sprinkler Nozzle

* Pump Connecting Nipple (PCN)

* Sprinkler attachment with foot batton