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     UPVC Rigid & Elastomeric Seal Ring Fit Pipe  

This Pipe is made of un - plastisized Poly Vinyl Chloride (uPVC). It is a versatile plastic having an excellent combination of strength, chemical inertness and fire resistance, which gives optimum performance at very low and very high temperatures like than 00  to 600 C for pressure rating as per IS : 4985 - 2000.


*        Faster, easy installation of cable with lesser manpower.

*        Feasibility of long lengths installation

*        Easy movement of cable through bends

*        Reduction in number of joints due to longer pipes

*        Reduction in installation cost, maintenance and future upgradation

*        Existing cables can be deployed after blowing from the duct.

*        The pipes are non toxic in nature and hence safe to handle

Approximate use of Solvent Cement per joint of u PVC Pipe
O.D. Pipe (in Millimeters)             63    75   90   110    140    160   180   200  225   250  280  315.

Approx. No. of joints which can be   324  270  225  180  130 125   103  79   54      36  
Made per liter of solvent cement