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An ISO 9001:2000 certified company, Dinesh Irrigation Private Limited was established in the year 2000 with the commitment to supply quality products meeting or exceeding customer's expectations, and achieving objectives of being a preferred supplier.

 Situated at Jhotwara Industrial Area, Jaipur, the company produces excellent uPVC & HDPE Pipes with a unique skill, continuous technological up-gradation, professional management, testing, and persistent dedication without compromising on quality leading the entire organization to National and International name and repute. 

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HDPE Pipes are manufactured from High-Density Poly Ethylene Polymers i.e. PE-63, PE 80, and PE 100. HDPE Pipes are available in sizes 20mm to 500mm (Size can be increased, if necessary) outer diameter and pressure rating from 2.5 to PN 16.0.  

BIS Standard

Hdpe Pipes & Coils to be used in the system are made up from 100% virgin High Density Polyethylene Granules. It also compare or passes the BIS standard mark as per IS 4984 : 2016.


Water Supply Systems
* In water supply distribution systems
* As a replacement of G. I. Pipes in Borewell application to submersible pumps.
* For suction and delivery lines of jet pumps and centrifugal pumps.

Industrial applications

* Disposal of corrosive effluents chemicals and treated/untreated wastes.
* Acids and Alkalies can be transported through these pipes.
* For conveying edible oils, fruit pulps, juices, milk, and other food products.
* As ducts for Air conditioning and ventilation.
* For transporting slurries of Iron Ore, Fly Ash, etc.

Environmental Protection  

* HDPE Pipes are also used for industrial waste treatment plants and water treatment plants.
* For drainage of sewerage
* For disposal of sand slurry in dredging operations.


* Low specific weight and flexibility
* Perfect weldability, tough and strong
* Abrasion and wear-resistant
* Good chemical and weathering resistance
* Low co-efficient of friction
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MDPE Pipes are manufactured out of bimodal cadmium-free imported raw material and tested under a fully integrated Quality Assurance System (QAS) which covers all aspects of design and manufacture from raw material selection to final product testing (both destructive and non-destructive), to ensure that high-performance standards established for the products are consistently achieved.

ISO & BIS Standard

These pipes confirm to various International standards such as ISO 4437,BS 7281,DIN 8074/75 and BIS Standard IS : 14885 : 2001. 

The raw material used is Medium Density Poly Ethylene (MDPE) PE-80 and PE 100 is used for the production of Gas Pipes. 

Product Range 
These Pipes are manufactured in the range of 20mm to 500 mm (Outer Diameter) in all pressure ratings. 
These Pipes are identified by their colour for different uses for eg.Yellow for Gas,Orange for Petrol and Blue for Water.These Pipes can tailor make to meet specific requirements of individual Gas Customers.

Salient Features:-
Poly Ethylene Pipes have been used the world over for natural gas distribution at 4 Bar Pressure, due to their excellent technical and operational advantages as a pipe material.

* Flexible:  Easy to handle
* Corrosion Resistant:  Tough and highly reliable in aggressive soils.
* Fusion Joints:  High Integrity and reliability
* Light Weight:  Light in weight as compared to metal pipes.
* Crack Resistant: Excellent resistance to subsidence, traffic vibrations, point leading, and marshy ground.
* Homogenous: Leakage-free joints.
* Installation:   Low installation cost.
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Worldwide HDPE Sprinkler System is found to be the best method to get maximum yield at a low cost. It has been observed that a sprinkler system can irrigate 2 to 3 times more farmland in the same quantum of water. The sprinkler helps in cleaning the surface of the plants, thereby helping them in easy photosynthesis. This results in greater yield. In the winter season, the sprinkler system saves the surface of the plants from the accumulation of frozen water and in summers it saves evaporation of water to the tune of 40%. The sprinkler system spreads the water in the farmland uniformly and thus saves the plants from water clogging and scarcity. Maximum water reaches the roots of the plants.

BIS Standard

All Pipes process with the BIS standard as per IS : 14151 Part – I & II.

Product Range

HDPE Sprinkler pipes are available in sizes ranging from 63 mm to 200 mm outer diameter and pressure rating from Class I to IV, PN 2.5, PN 3.2, PN 4.0, PN 6.0 (Part I & II) with a complete range of fittings. 

Associated Accessories

* Coupled Bend
* Coupled Tee
* End Caps
* Riser Pipe
* Sprinkler Nozzle
* Pump Connecting Nipple (PCN)
* Sprinkler attachment with foot batton

* Saving in use of water 40% to 50%
*Saving in time, labor
*Saving on electricity
* Increase in production of crops
* Easy water distribution
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SWR Pipes and fittings are manufactured by compounding uPVC resin along with chemicals such as heat stabilizers, processing aids, lubricants, benzotriazole, and phosphate-based UV stabilizers which noticeably improve the light stability of uPVC, prevent yellowing, embrittlement, and loss of mechanical strength. 

BIS Standard

Pipe Specification as per IS : 13592 : 2013

Product Range

Self: These pipes have bell-type sockets at one end. Available in 40 to 160mm sizes.
Ring-o-socket: These pipes have ring-type sockets at one end. Available in 40 to 160mm sizes.


* Easy to install
* Highly resistant to chemical, acid, alkalies, cement, lime, oils, and domestic affluents.
* Free flow and durable
* Unaffected by termite, Bacteria, and fungus.

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It is made of unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride, Suspension grade, K value 65-67, a bulk polymer suitable for pressure pipes. uPVC has properties that allow it to be used as a replacement for and often an advantage over traditional materials such as cast iron, asbestos cement, etc. available in Type cm, DN 100-200 mm, Type cs, DN 150-200mm & rs DN 150-200 mm.

BIS Standard

Dinesh uPVC pipes are manufactured conforming to IS 4985: 2000

* Smooth bore for better flow properties
* Do not support bacterial growth
* Chemical and Corrosion resistance
* High Impact strength
* Easy installation
* Long-lasting
* Lightweight
* Elegance
* Overall economy
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This Pipe is made of unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride (uPVC). It is a versatile plastic having an excellent combination of strength, chemical inertness, and fire resistance, which gives optimum performance at very low and very high temperatures like 00  to 600 C for pressure rating.

BIS Standard

Dinesh uPVC pipes are manufactured conforming to IS 4985: 2000


Corrosion-resistant pressure pipe

Resistant to most acids, bases, salts, aliphatic solutions, oxidants, and halogens

Best in chemical processing, plating, high purity applications, potable water systems, water, and wastewater treatment, irrigation, agriculture, and other industrial applications involving corrosive fluid transfer.

Plumbing and drainage systems in the dwelling houses.

Reliable leak-proof joints.


a) 90 mm to 315 mm OD Cl plain ended & socketed pipe for solvent cement jointing.

b) 63 mm to 315 mm OD Cl plain ended & socketed pipe for solvent cement jointing.

c) 40 mm to 180 mm OD Cl plain ended & socketed pipe for solvent cement jointing.

d) 40 mm to 315 mm OD Cl socket ended with an elastomeric sealing ring.

Dimensions of Elastomeric Sealing Ring Type Unplasticized PVC Pipes as per IS: 4985-2000 for use in Water Supply

(All Dimensions in Millimeters) 


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