HDPE Pipes are manufactured from High-Density Poly Ethylene Polymers i.e. PE-63, PE 80, and PE 100. HDPE Pipes are available in sizes 20mm to 500mm (Size can be increased, if necessary) outer diameter and pressure rating from 2.5 to PN 16.0.  

BIS Standard

Hdpe Pipes & Coils to be used in the system are made up from 100% virgin High Density Polyethylene Granules. It also compare or passes the BIS standard mark as per IS 4984 : 2016.


Water Supply Systems
* In water supply distribution systems
* As a replacement of G. I. Pipes in Borewell application to submersible pumps.
* For suction and delivery lines of jet pumps and centrifugal pumps.

Industrial applications

* Disposal of corrosive effluents chemicals and treated/untreated wastes.
* Acids and Alkalies can be transported through these pipes.
* For conveying edible oils, fruit pulps, juices, milk, and other food products.
* As ducts for Air conditioning and ventilation.
* For transporting slurries of Iron Ore, Fly Ash, etc.

Environmental Protection  

* HDPE Pipes are also used for industrial waste treatment plants and water treatment plants.
* For drainage of sewerage
* For disposal of sand slurry in dredging operations.


* Low specific weight and flexibility
* Perfect weldability, tough and strong
* Abrasion and wear-resistant
* Good chemical and weathering resistance
* Low co-efficient of friction
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